Welcome TO Rudrabhishek

The Pouring of water on shivling is called “Abhishek”.

When the water pouring continuous on shivling

with chant of great ved mantra is called “Rudrabhishek”.

These are some other substance also use in rudrabhishek.

We should do abhishek with -

  •  juice of sugarcane for Laxmi,
  •  honey for money,
  •  with milk for son,
  •  if, we want to remove trouble from our life. – with continuous pouring of water.
  •  with ghee for vansh visthar,
  •  with mustard oil,
  •  for enemy free – And with ganga water for moksha,

this is told in shastra also.

If, we do abhishek with one of them substance the great god shiva

will fullfill our all wishes. It means, devotees should do rudrabhishek pooja

with vaidik vidhi-vidhaan.