About Us

We are celebrating “Maharudrabhishek” from many years.

We do pooja of god shiva with bhakti and shradha in universal “Rudrabhishek”.

we do jalabhishek with vaidik mantra, all people do jalabhisek equally.

If, we participate in universal rudrabhishek again and again

the kaalsarp yog automatically gets disappear from our “Life”.

In rudrabhishek, chanting of ved-mantra is mandatory.

However, because of sanskrit language. most of the devotees can’t chant vaidik mantra.

because, they all are written in sanskrit language.

That’s why ved mantra are chanted by only vaidik pandit’s in rudrabhishek.

And now, we have decided to complete this task.

This has started before several years by the grace of god shiva and with the help of devotees.

and now that is going on so well.

Thousands of shiva devotes are getting lots of grace,

and they all will get the same, We will keep on doing the same.

and we pray to god shiva for the same.