Prachin Story

Prachin Story of Lord Shiva

The Supreme Almighty God, known as Brahm. When Brought this universe in existence, He himself appeared in three forms-Brahmaa, Vishnu and Mahesh(Shiva). These three great body of God, thought appears to be different, but they are actually one.
A vivid description of super-nature deeds of Lord Shiva is found in ‘Shiva puraan’ and ‘ling puran’. In other ancient works we also get the narration of his deeds. There is Story in Shiv Puraan, Which reveals the greatness of lord Shiva and establishes Him to be the extreme and eternal and the originator of Brahmaa And Vishnu even .He always remains in existence in Ling form, the ethereal form of corporeal body. As such he worshipped in phallus image, the male generative organ.
The Story narrates, that once the two Gods Brahmaa and Vishnu, feel into argument, each asserting to be greater than the other. While they where trying to find the way to prove there greatness, a resplendent phallus originated in between the two. That rose to extreme height and extend in all the directions, they decided to find out the end of that divine phallus. But they could not. They reminded in movement for so many thousands of Divine year to reach the edge of the luminous phallus, but in vain. At last they arrived on the starting point and meet each other. Vishnu admitted the truth, that he could not find out the verge, but lord Brahmaa falsely said that he had reached at the end of that phallus and his witness was the flower pandanus. At the same moment they heard an ovacle, that both of them were telling a lie. This divine pronouncement deeply embarrassed the both and they began to tremble filled With fear. They were wonder struck and begin to think, that who might be the ovacle pronouncer ? While they were in suspense, Lord Shiva appeared before them out of that Divine Phallus. They both bowed down out of reverence before Him and asked that who was He. They were curious to known about Him.
Than lord Shiva said to them, “O ! Brahmaa and Vishnu ! You both are indulged in baseless argument. I am the absolute authority of this univerce and I have created this, I have created you both too . Finding you, in arguments I appeared in the form of divine Epithet, Which has got neither an end nor a beginning. It is endless in all the directions. Brahmaa and this flower of pandanus are telling a lie. Because of these lie, Brahmaa shall not be accepted for my worship. Now you both get relived by giving up your vainglory and think yourself to be my image being in my obedience.”
Than Lord Shiva became invisible. Both of his forms Lord Shiva vainglory and left the place for this respective worlds.