Veda Mantra

Athato brahma-jijnasa Translation: “Now, therefore, one should inquire into the nature of Brahman, the absolute truth, or god.”

Brahma gyan is spiritual knowledge is a divine how to be used for aiming. The (upasana) prayer (puja) worship, meditation or any other religious practices are to be used as an arrow, concentrating fulling on GOD in mind. GOD is symbolized as OM as a bow in the centre of which there is an arrow type curved line which is the worship, prayer, dhayana (meditation). We are supposed to utter the word OM , om namah Shiva,om namo Bhagvate vasu deva, om namo Narayana but should have His image in side our consciousness during the prayer. In that Brahm the entire lokas is three worlds of earth, water and sky exist, where all the living beings live. In Brahma, fully dark or fully bright are on one side, where as on the other side is the chitta (consciousness) along with pranas (power cause of life). Such a great God Param brahma parmeshwar) is the bridge and on walking over that miraculous ,amazing bridge, we shall be able to have HIS darshan is His glimpse.